First, what is hard gold? Hard gold refers to the physical gold, but is made with the new method of "hard" gold. Its texture to teach ordinary gold hard. Also known as "hard enough fake van cleef alhambra bracelet gold." 0.005% is added with a special metal, so that the hardness increases, so as to achieve the appropriate hardness.

Hard gold products have been gradually more people know and accept, at this time, consumers will find that the price of hard gold compared to traditional van cleef arpels long necklace knockoff gold to be expensive, the traditional gold price is mainly gold itself Price, but in the production process, do not need to spend too much cost, therefore, the price of traditional gold is almost gold market price. And hard gold prices are different, hard gold so that consumers have high purity on the basis of gold, but also has 18K gold as fashionable style. In general, hard gold products are more beautiful than gold products, more delicate, and the cost of production should be high.

The above also said, hard gold can be hard to achieve the same 18K gold jewelry effect, and gold is characterized by the texture is relatively soft, of course, this feature is also a standard to identify the true and false gold. But it uses the new method of making "hard" gold. Its texture to teach ordinary gold hard. Hard gold is actually alloy, although there are gold ingredients, but the color is not full of replica van cleef arpels alhambra gold bright. After all, mixed with some other metal material. And gold content of thousands of not less than 999 known as thousands of gold, jewelry is the highest value in color naming.

And in the end hard gold and thousands of gold which is good? I believe that understanding of the above knowledge, that is a matter of opinion, and the purchase of Cheap copy van cleef arpels ring jewelry must be based on their own preferences and use choose to buy

A diamond ring, let the bride become the focus of everyone. The same diamond wedding ring, but also make the groom different. Wearing a diamond ring, is not a woman's patent, and the bride in pairs, open happy life. So how did the groom buy a wedding ring? Xiaobian introduced the recipe for you. First: match each other. Groom in the purchase of male ring, not only to consider whether to wear comfortable and beautiful, but also consider the cooperation with the bride. A pair of similar or complementary pairs, is the most beautiful wedding ring. And complementary marriage or better reflect the close relationship between new people. Second: wedding best replica van cleef arpels jewelry real gold is bound to need a diamond ring. For the daily life of marriage, a pair of ring ring is much easier to wear than the diamond ring. As men generally have a simple and simple image, so a prime gold ring is more suitable for wearing. Third: the embodiment of male taste. Buy men wedding ring, ring ring should not be fine. Male, rough some, in order to come up with manhood. Ring ring is too small, will feel more feminine, more suitable for some pure young man. Fourth: in line with identity. In the appropriate age to do the right thing, wearing a ring should also be suitable for identity, age. Choose the replica real gold cartier ring as the selection of clothes, only with their own match, in order to give full play to their decorative effect. Finally Xiaobian told you that the groom should not wear a gold ring, because the image of gold and ho ho, in many occasions will appear too publicity.