At first I was chasing my husband. We met for the first time in my cousin's wedding, he is my cousin's colleagues, that handsome handsome man, so I can not wait in the eyes of two peach heart. Go to the cousin inquire about, cousin but face to face pouring cold water, you die this heart it, people are the bank's international business manager, high academic qualifications, the future is good, why fancy you?

I have to admit that cousin is very objective. I am looking for ordinary character flat, twenty-five but also with their parents live together grass-roots women, and people are a bright dazzling diamond men, how many women coveted it? Watching him smiling chat with the groom, how do I feel his head wore a halo, it is high attention, think about anyway, idle is idle, try to chase it.

See him go outside to answer the phone, I followed the past strike up, this string of keys is not you lost? He shook his head and said no. I say you can not leave the phone to me, back you think of this key is your, I'll give you back His expression from the surprise to the laughter. Did not give him hesitation time, I could not help but took his phone to dial on my phone. The following are the same as the "

    Then I started looking for a cousin to help me get a variety of dinner, eat and drink frequently meet him at the party, we also slowly cooked up. Later, my cousin arranged a party in her home, I rushed to the kitchen and vegetables to cut vegetables, he saw the kitchen only me, it is proposed to help. Watching him carefully peeled garlic and then raised his head to laugh at me, my heart is crisp.

I went to his company to find him, I said I want to do bank card report you can take me to the counter? With his downstairs, my heart surging, feet twisted a bit, but he did not hold me before I have four down eight fork down, he went to buy a card can be posted on my bleeding on the knee.

We went to the cinema to watch the movie, he and I eat the same box of popcorn, our hands in the drowsy light met together. Touch it, and then touch, and repeatedly, but he just concentrate on eating popcorn watching movies, there is no need to hold my hand gesture. Confused I actually slept in the past, and then wake up to see their pillow on his shoulder, in order to make me sleep comfortable, he put the arm across the whole. I blush a bit, and then comfortable to enjoy this moment of ambiguous.

Cousin promotion, please let us go to the bar to play, he also went, I specifically wearing a skirt of the makeup, he was next to another female colleagues to sit, a long very beautiful girl. So I told me a man next to a fierce chat, because wearing false eyelashes reason, my eyes itch unreasonable, can only keep fierce blink of an eye, then I went to the bathroom when he met him, he said you engage in Wrong discharge object, and that person got married. Back to the seat, my heart more and more unhappy,Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra ring it has been in their own drink boring wine. After the end of the cousin sent me home, he sent that female colleagues.

Because too much wine to drink home after the stomach is very uncomfortable, usually do not drink. I took a fake at home to rest, while spit a cry, a whole year to get along I was completely in love with him, not because he handsome, but also because he was gentle, humble, smart and kind. But really chasing good hard ah.

Think of getting along with the bit, he will send me home after each dinner, when I say cold time to open enough heating, when I say boring time to put the disc, I said to eat a spicy shrimp Take me to eat, will give me shrimp for me to buy Coke, no matter how late I call him will laugh at my ramble; but these are only about eating and drinking, not love.

Hear the sound of the doorbell to open the door, did not expect turned out to be him, he was holding a bunch of roses in one hand, one hand holding an insulated lunch box, smiling bright spring. Looked at him urging me to eat the steaming food, and find the vase to insert the rose, it is natural look.

I finally could not help but ask, what do you mean?

He looked at me and laughed.

   I said, are you chasing me?

   He asked again, did you say that?

What is your relationship with the female colleague?


With me?

Male and female friends.

As soon as he spoke, I cried and cried into his arms. In my questioning, he told me, in fact, he has long been a good impression on me, do not want a little bit of goodwill and love to impulse together, he was a mature and responsible heart to treat our feelings , Hope we use more time to get along to understand each other. And in the slowly get along, his feelings for me more and more deep, he felt my kind, simple, lovely and brave. And I also put aside his beauty, really fell in love with him.

     And then later, he went to Shenzhen to buy my Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra butterfly bracelet to marry me, and now married for three years, going to have a child this year. By the way to encourage the next girls, in fact, women are not so difficult to chase men, met like a brave to catch it