“Spring” color recovery ivory white, apricot pink or molasses color,Bright colors, bright, gives a bright, fresh impression, as the warmth of the sun as spring, pink and green life movement. Only ivory, apricot pink or molasses so clear

Fresh tender skin, will have “spring Cartier love bracelet replica” color recovery of the movement.

Suitable for: with a clear and bright color of the various types of precious stones, such as jade, garnet, red tourmaline, amethyst, etc., in particular, can highlight the “spring” skin feminine charming.

Inappropriate: pink crystal, pink tourmaline, pink and can not highlight the skin color, and the skin can not highlight the color of pink crystal, white skin should be regarded as the most inappropriate Choi Po.

Bi Haiyantian refreshing a “summer Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet replica” transparent and white skin,Color light, soft, gives a cool, soft, elegant impression, as the blue sea

Fresh blue sky, small streams of alcohol. This feature, only “transparent” and “pink white” skin can enjoy the elaboration.

Suitable: choose to wear ice species of jade, opal, white ivory, white coral, hibiscus stone, pink pearls with these natural white or rose-tone Cartier nail Bracelet replica, can make “summer woman” face more beautiful and moving.

Inappropriate: reddish or partial purple color gemstones, such as garnet, amethyst, red tourmaline, etc., will make your skin look more dark red, the beauty of the gem itself will be greatly reduced.

Autumn ripe flavor brown and golden yellow skin ,Colorful, mature, gorgeous, as autumn natural beauty as rich, autumn maple leaves of the CLS, mature fruit harvest color are vivid interpretation. It is more deep than the spring, only close to the brown and golden skin color to the perfect match with nature, it makes a woman gestures are deep mature charm, deep and contains the charm of the cordial.

Suitable: green and purple Department of color gem will make your skin looks mature and charming, exudes a strong feminine, such as olivine, amethyst and other precious stones, will make you deep in the intimate charm.

Inappropriate: the same color and color of the skin gem may make your skin look bleak, for example, topaz.

Winter pure creamy white or gray olive skin,Pure, clear, cartier love ring diamond replica as the persistence of pine green, blooming blooming beauty, the pure night.

Only cream white or gray olive skin to match with the winter in order to distribute the temperament of winter.

Appropriate: Choose ruby, sapphire, emerald and other color deep and full, gorgeous gorgeous jewelry to decorate, the most highlights the “winter replica cartier love necklace” pure intellectual and strong temperament. The white pearl and black pearl pure color, moist in the reflection of the brilliant light, anytime,hermes H bracelet replica  anywhere can make a woman in winter skin to become the focus of beauty.

Inappropriate: pink gemstones produced by the strong contrast, not only makes the skin look more dark, but also make the wearer fake cartier love earrings is even more icy.