We always want to marry in the time, in the end what kind of pleading marriage is good, in the end what kind of pleading words in order to let the girlfriend moved, in the end what kind of pleading marriage is suitable for their own character; Will worry, would like to ask others and others think that may not be suitable for their own. So, let's take a look at what the twelve constellations are for.

Fire like the constellation of Aries, character impulse, love adventure, kind of fear of fearless momentum, in love they believe that no one has the obligation to tease me happy, cheap copy Van Cleef Vintage bracelet to be happy to rely on their own. When the love of the right people in their lives, the expressive of their grasping the opportunity to marry each other: marry me! After marrying me, I am the second happy person in the world. Because the world's first happy person is you! This marriage declaration will not be impressed by the other blame it.

Taurus can be described as the twelve constellations in the most stable, most reliable, most know how to live a class of people, real life, their solid will make the other side feel trustworthy people, vancleef magic bracelet copy if they identified things will not easily change The Taurus people only in accordance with their own that the most secure way to do things. For their pleading words is also the most simple: I love you! Regardless of illness and death, the rich and the poor, love you, take care of you, to die! This discourse is not sweet, but it makes people feel at ease.

Gemini personality is unrestrained, the water constellation they give people the impression of change, they are full of enthusiasm, the pursuit of freshness, and will belong to their humor with you get along with you not the same feeling. So their farewell words will not be the same: the most crazy thing in this life, is in love with you, the greatest hope that you have to accompany me crazy life; anything I want to share with you!