In the purchase of men's platinum necklace, pay attention to the length of the necklace color and particle size, combined with their own age and hobbies to pick their own platinum necklace; pay attention to the quality of beads, carefully check every two beads between the small Beads are defective, in addition to check the roundness and integrity of each bead, including whether there are cracks and flaws, etc .; pay attention to the form and quality of the chain, the domestic men's platinum Van Cleef and Arpels Earrings Replica buckle in the form of a general screw and buckle two , Generally with a screw buckle more safe and durable; card deduction is not high quality, or often easy to damage. General recommended men to buy screwdriver men's platinum necklace. Finally, the optional necklace must pay attention to the length of the necklace. For men, the length of the necklace should not be too long. Suggest that you choose the necklace in the clavicle can be. Men wear fake cartier love bracelet need a certain weight, a suitable thickness and weight of the necklace to be able to highlight the masculine, domineering, wearing the feeling is the best. Gold necklaces sold in the mall is generally in the 20-40 grams range, the specific number of grams of wear with the individual's height and weight are also closely related. For tall, sturdy men, 30 grams of platinum necklace is also a good choice.However, if the height of the general, less physical men, then, small grams of platinum necklace, such as 20 grams Of the already enough. In the purchase of diamond color level you need according to their own economy and preferences to buy diamonds color, if you are buying more than 50 points of replica van cleef arpels Vintage braceletdiamonds, you can choose high color level, because the higher the color level, the more white diamonds , Fire color is also more intense, but of course the general preference for romantic consumers, some slightly yellow diamonds with exquisite design can also give people a warm feeling. International jewelry industry on the diamond color classification is very strict, countries also have their own evaluation criteria. To determine the color level of diamonds only inlaid bare diamond as the identification of objects, only objective and fair. Has been inlaid diamonds, due to the identification by the metal (such as: platinum) at the end of the impact, easy to make the color of the replica cartier love necklacediamond was more white, the color level is improved, easy to make objective and correct judgments, so when buying diamonds, It is best to hold the GIA diamond identification certificate, it is the most authoritative diamond identification certificate, it is grading of bare diamonds.It is difficult to say a color level of the diamond diamonds must be more than the color level J diamond more beautiful, But also look at the rest of the three c, that is, diamond cut, clarity and carat weight. So you can in a variety of color levels of diamonds, choose what you think is a beautiful one. Eclectic, beautiful, beautiful in your hands. replica van cleef arpels braceletDiamond color rank Sort by D color to Z color, D color, E color, F color who is colorless, G color, H color, I color, J color close to colorless, and K color, L color, M color Slightly yellow, N color and after the color level is more yellowish color, and real life in some bad business or even yellow diamond will appear as a yellow diamond sales situation, yellow diamond is a color diamond, the price is relatively high, this The two can not be comparable.