​​​​​​​In ancient times, gems represent a person's wealth and status, most of them are embedded in men's hats and clothes, especially the green tourmaline, the kind of quiet cold light, like a man's deep wisdom and strong will, Highlight the best man gorgeous gem, green tourmaline that kind of light is said to have the role of enhancing wealth and enhance the wisdom! Green tourmaline color concentration range is very broad,copy Van Cleef arpels Perlee bracelet and some are very light green, and some green is very deep, use light exposure will appear. Some green tourmalines show like green leek like high quality van cleef arpels ring fine green tones, but some will show yellow-green, olive green and brown-green tones. While the blue-green and bright green, is the best quality and most popular sought-after color, but very rare. Green tourmaline is still a lot of people do not want to spend a lot of money to buy emerald the best choice, and if the budget is considerable, can buy large particles of high clarity green tourmaline is quite cost-effective.
Green tourmaline to the color of the United States, large, internal flawless, pondering novel, polished bright and so on for the best, and more valuable in the same tourmaline there are two or more colors appear, that is, two-color tourmaline or multi- Inside the infrared green watermelon tourmaline is also more precious. Green tourmaline corresponds to the heart wheel, close to the chest to wear, on the cardiopulmonary function is very good, together with the wallet can enhance the wealth, wear green tourmaline van cleef arpels alhambra ring replica jewelry can make people calm and sober, sleep well sleep.replica Van Cleef arpels vintage alhambra necklace Wear should avoid the collision of external forces, perspiration, dust will make it lose its luster, you can use alcohol to clean the surface of gemstones or use warm water, neutral detergent and soft brush for cleaning.
Olivine because of its color and more for the olive green named after the shiny transparent, symbolizing the gentle and intelligent, family happy, husband and wife harmony, it is known as "the stone of happiness." Olivine is used as a symbol of happiness of husband and wife, and it may be related to its green, it is fresh and fresh colors such as spring green, like the endless vitality of endless endless. Peridot is the kingdom of Egypt, because of the status of respect is decorated in the temple and the ancient church, and now olivine into the world of high-level jewelry worship, for the ancient aristocratic blood into a new gene, become a walk in folklore and senior best fake Van Cleef arpels bracelet Between the green elves. The Egyptians also called the olivine as "the sun gem" because of its color combined with the yellow noble and light green hope that the people who wear it can eliminate the fear of the night and can get rid of evil and surrender.
Olivine color requirements of pure, in the dark green for the best goods, color uniformity, there is a mild feeling of harmony as well, the more green the higher the value of pure. Because the olivine raw material cracks, can grind more precious stones less raw materials, gem into a low rate, semi-finished olivine more than 3 karats, 3-10 carats are rare, more than 10 kt is very rare.cheap replica van cleef arpels ring Clarity is also an important factor in the price, olivine often have more black solid or gas-liquid body, these packages will affect the value of olivine, therefore, containing black opaque inclusions and cracks in the olivine generally do not do gems Level ring face.
Breathtaking pillow green olives more than 45 carats, with platinum carefully mosaic, and green leaves and fruit as a decoration. In the master of the replica van cleef arpels vintage bracelet jewelry master's creation, the arched colored gemstones evolved into a colorful fruit, inlaid with diamonds crystal green leaves so that the central green olive main stone is more dazzling, perfect interpretation of the classic luxury.